How It Works

Ordering alcohol online for home delivery in Birmingham is easy

If you’re in Birmingham, it’s simple to order alcohol online for delivery direct to your door. It’s as easy as ordering a takeaway or doing some online shopping. Just click on the order link and then choose the drinks, cigarettes etc. that you would like to order and then proceed to the checkout, enter your delivery address and then select your preferred payment method (credit/debit card online or cash on delivery). Once your order has been confirmed, just sit back and relax whilst the delivery driver dashes over to your house with your booze supplies. Ordering alcohol for delivery in Birmingham really is as easy as that. Now you can buy beers, wines, spirits, tobacco, cigarettes and more for fast home delivery, no matter how late at night it is. No more having to go looking for a 24 hour shop that has the correct licence to sell alcohol in the middle of the night – just get it delivered.